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The Trial Pack
Try Maev before you subscribe to see the benefits for yourself.
One day of food, one of each vitamin bar, and one jar of bone broth.
Formulated by vets to target
Just the right amount of everything.
Some dogs are vacuum eaters, others are picky, so getting to test out their food can make all the difference.
Here’s what’s in your trial pack:
One day's worth of
Raw Food
Each bowl is filled with nutritious flash-frozen raw food (beef round, liver & sweetbreads, kale peas & blueberries, pork bone), topped with real food vitamins formulated to promote a targeted wellness goal.
Just keep it in your freezer until you’re ready to serve. Your Trial Pack includes 400 cals of raw food for a small dog. one meal for a medium dog, and a snack or taste test for a large dog.
Four day's worth of
Vitamin Bars
Think of your dog’s daily bars as their multivitamin. Perfect for a healthy on-the-go snack, or fold it into your daily ritual and serve after your morning jog (or after you hit snooze for the 3rd time… no judgement).
Simply feed your dog their daily bar, either as a standalone treat or a tasty meal topper. Compost the bar wrapper when you’re done!
One jar of
Beef Bone Broth
Our bone broth is a soothing ritual that builds immunity, detoxes the liver, and strengthens your dog’s skin, coat, and gut health. It’s a collagen powerhouse, supporting healthy joints and cartilage.
Either sprinkle some broth cubes straight from the freezer on top of your dog’s meals, or, let thaw into a delicious liquid topper.
Traditional dog food wasn't doing us any favors. So we made one that does.
Human-grade and AAFCO-approved ‘Balanced & Complete.’
100% USDA-certified lean beef. High protein, balanced fats, & fresh produce.
No high-pressure or temperature processing.
No preservatives, fillers, synthetics, or by-products.
We want to answer your questions. Seriously!
Our team of dog lovers and veterinary nutrition experts love hearing from you :)
What is Maev?
How are Maev products different from other pet brands?
I have a weird question and I want to talk to a person about it.
More questions? Find answers on our FAQ page.
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