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First time trying Maev? Get 15% Off
Vitamin Bars
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Vitamin BarsDaily vitamin bars, for dogs. One bar per day, personalized to fill your wellness gaps.

Vitamin Bars

Daily vitamin bars, for dogs. One bar per day, personalized to fill your wellness gaps.

Think of your dog’s daily bars as their multivitamin. Perfect for a healthy on-the-go snack, or fold it into your daily ritual and serve after your morning jog (or after you hit snooze for the 3rd judgment).

Your dog’s vitamin bars are shipped to your door every 30 days and stack neatly on your counter.  Each bar is a day’s dose of balanced nutrition for your dog, and can be served as a topper or treat.

Wellness Goal:
Portion: Portion: 30 ct bars per order (recommended serving: 1 bar/day)
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The supplemental nutrition necessary for a balanced diet. Packed with vitamins and superfoods personalized to your health goals.

How it Works


We'll ship your dog's vitamin bars every month.


Store the vitamin bars on your dog’s shelf - or right on the counter, no refrigeration necessary.


Feed your dog one bar per day for a healthy snack. We like taking them on the go to the dog park.

Ingredients (all human-grade)

Peanut Butter

Shredded Coconut Flakes

Chia Seeds

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Vitamin Profile

We only source our vitamins from food ingredients, never artificially isolated nutrients, so they’re safer and more easily digested.

Here's how we're formulating your meals and bars to promote health.

Food for thought


Our Vitamins Work Smarter

Our nutrients sourced from real food ingredients are safer and more easily digested than artificial.

Our vitamin approach

Our vitamin approach

All of our products are supplemented with vitamins sourced from real food to address your dog’s unique wellness goals and nutritional gaps.

We only source our vitamins from food ingredients, never synthetics, so they’re safer and more easily digestible than artificially isolated nutrients.

We look at food as just one piece of the holistic wellness picture, and vitamins as your next level of defense against the health concerns you’re solving for.

Our philosophy

Not dog food, just real food.

We started Maev because we didn’t feel seen by any dog brands out there -- the modern experience of raising a dog is a uniquely challenging one.

That’s why we worked with veterinary nutritionists to develop a raw food formula that’s biologically appropriate, using fresh, unaltered ingredients for the healthiest, most transparent choice you can make for your dog.

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