wellness, for dogs.


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vitamin-enriched raw food bowls and daily bars, for dogs.
Designed by nutritionists to fill your city dog’s health gaps.

Designed by urban women, to fit your lifestyle.

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self care for them = self care for you

hey, we’re maev.

our dogs brought both order and chaos into our lives.

we’re building food and vitamin products to cut down the maehem and keep chaos under control.

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each maev collection is developed with city dogs' nutrition in mind

city dogs. city problems. city nutrition.

the city wasn’t built for dogs. we’re here to make it easier.


our dogs are a reflection of who we are.

let’s fix their things.

we’re starting with raw food and daily vitamins.

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Your dog's medicine cabinet.


Start your new ritual today.

Start by thinking about which health gaps you're targeting, then choose bowls, bars, or both.


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let’s be friends. irl?

maevworld is the community for dog people in New York City.