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First time trying Maev? Get 15% Off

Our food philosophy

They’re your favorite

person, so feed them like it.

They’re your favorite person, so feed them like it.

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Made for dogs

Made for dogs

She may take the L train but she’s wild at heart.

Having a dog presents unique challenges. More stress and anxiety from overwhelming sounds and smells. Increased exposure to bacteria and poor air quality. Limited space to stretch out and run free. Less constant human contact, more isolation.

…But it’s not all bad! Population density means that our dogs are better socialized, you find real community in your neighborhood and park, we have better access to care, and hey, you never have to worry about getting skunked! (Probably...)

We started Maev to address the nutritional gaps found in dogs and to create a support system that makes it easier for dog people.

Our vitamin approach

Our vitamin approach

All of our products are supplemented with vitamins sourced from real food to address your dog’s unique wellness goals and nutritional gaps.

We only source our vitamins from food ingredients, never synthetics, so they’re safer and more easily digestible than artificially isolated nutrients.

We look at food as just one piece of the holistic wellness picture, and vitamins as your next level of defense against the health concerns you’re solving for.

Our POV on raw

Our POV on raw

Simply put, raw food diets are the cleanest, most natural, nutrient-dense and nutrient-available diet you can feed your dog.

That’s why we formulate our food to follow a biologically appropriate raw food diet, incorporating lean protein, raw edible bone, vitamin-rich organ meat, and fresh produce into every bowl.

Our food has a simple list of ingredients that are human grade, flash frozen, and provide balanced lifelong nutrition for your best friend.

Lean Muscle Meat Salmon & Beef Round
Raw Edible Bone & Bones from pigs
Organ Meat Cow Liver & Sweetbreads
Produce Kale & Green Peas & Blueberries

Go raw for

Fresher breath & ideal weight maintenance & stronger immune system & smaller and less odorous bathroom breaks & decreased dehydration & relief from mis-diagnosed allergies & softer and shinier fur & less tartar build-up on teeth & reduced itching and scratching & stabilized energy levels.

Raw made easy

Raw made easy

Personalized to meet your dog’s wellness goals, delivered to your apartment to make your life easier.

Going raw is the healthiest choice you can make for your dog, so we made it as easy as possible. Just think of us like your fairy dog mother.

Bone Broth

Our bone broth is a soothing evening ritual that builds immunity, fights ailments, and strengthens skin, coat, and gut health. We recommend warming it up to a drinkable temperature and serving like an evening tea.

Vitamin Bars

Think of your dog’s daily bars as their multivitamin. Perfect for a healthy on-the-go snack, or fold it into your daily ritual and serve after your morning jog (or after you hit snooze for the 3rd judgement).

Raw Food

Your dog’s raw food is shipped to your doorstep so that you never run out. The bags stack neatly in your freezer and come with a custom portioning scoop. Each meal is balanced nutritionally, and can be served frozen - no need to thaw unless you prefer to.

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