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First time trying Maev? Get 15% Off
First time trying Maev? Get 15% Off

Why raw is best.

Raw food is the most nutrient-rich, least processed diet available for dogs—their biology requires nutrition that only a raw diet can provide.

Most kibble companies don’t want you to know that, but the science is simple. When we listen to what our dogs really need, they reach their longest & fullest lives possible.

The raw benefits

See results in the first 30 days.

The journey starts in the gut.

Improved digestion
Harder, smaller, less smelly stools
Balanced energy & stamina (less hyperactivity & fatigue)
Less begging for human food or treats

Strengthen overall health.

Strengthened immune system
Improved liver, pancreatic & bowel health
Less hyperactivity caused by chemicals, flavorings, additives & colorings

Improve skin, bones, and teeth.

Beginning to reduce allergy symptoms
Shinier, healthier skin & coat
Cleaner teeth and fresh breath

Healthy aging.

Better weight control
Increased mobility in older animals
Fewer trips to the vet

Fish Oil

Fish oils are rich in fatty acids to support fur, skin, joints, and immunity.

Fish Oil
USDA-Certified Beef Liver

USDA-Certified Beef Liver

Beef liver is one of the most nutrient-dense and digestible sources of folate (metabolic support), iron (red blood cell & enzyme health), vitamin B (digestion), vitamin A (vision, bone and immune response), and copper (skeletal health) available.

Real ingredients you can see.

Every bowl of Maev contains a human-grade mix of lean protein, vitamin-rich organ meat, fresh produce, and personalized supplements for the complete and balanced nutrition they deserve.
No filler, no additives, no toxins, no mess. Just real ingredients you can see for yourself.
Showing ingredients for Raw Food:

USDA-Certified Beef

USDA-Certified Beef Liver

USDA-Certified Sweetbreads



Peanut Butter


Green Bean


Flaxseed oil

Fish Oil

Supplements that support.

We source our vitamins from food ingredients, never artificially isolated nutrients, so they're safer and more easily digested.

Weight & Digestion

Digestive Enzymes

Enzymes work in your dog’s stomach to help break down their food and promote essential nutrient absorption. While our dogs produce digestive enzymes naturally, sometimes they don’t produce enough for optimal nutrient absorption, which causes stress on their entire digestive system. By fortifying the naturally-occurring enzymes found in raw foods you can be sure that your dog always gets the most out of their meal.


The balance of good and bad bacteria that help with digestion and immunity depends on your dog’s diet. We use species-specific probiotics because the bacteria in your gut evolve species-specific traits. (Crazy, right?)

Chicory Root

Chicory root is a naturally-fibrous prebiotic and probiotic that encourages gut restoration and smooth digestion. A centuries-old digestive remedy, chicory works in your dog’s stomach to promote good bacteria while dispelling the bad.

Anxiety & Mental Health

Thiamine B1

Thiamine is critical for metabolizing carbohydrates, and aids in the nervous system. It’s believed to support brain function, as well as prevent confusion and fatigue. Dogs require this essential vitamin for metabolism and can’t synthesize it themselves, so it must be incorporated into their diet.


Eases stress, indigestion and gas. Chamomile, often used in human herbal medicine, acts as a mild sedative to relax muscles and relieve anxiety. It also contains apigenin and chamazulene which provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

Bovine Colostrum

A nutrient-rich form of bovine milk that we add in powder form. It contains extraordinary antibody proteins with hyperimmunity and anxiety-reducing properties that rival the effectiveness of synthetic benzodiazepines.


An amino acid known to calm, increase serotonin and dopamine, and reduce anxiety. Commonly found in green tea, L-theanine helps regulate your dog’s physiological stress response, resulting in less panting, drooling, lip licking, yawning, and barking.

Skin & Coat

Omega 3, 6 Fish Oils

Fish oils are rich in fatty acids to support fur, skin, joint, and immune health.

Hip & Joint


A natural, plant-based supplement, elderberry is packed with calcium, potassium and iron, and is easy to integrate into your dog's diet to maintain strong bones.


Turmeric, which contains curcumin, helps reduce inflammation and joint pain while also potentially preventing diseases caused by chronic inflammation such as arthritis.


Chondroitin helps alleviate stiffness while also strengthening, repairing, and maintaining joints.


Glucosamine rebuilds cartilage, reduces inflammation, and improves overall mobility.

How we compare.

Here’s how Maev compares across the dog food aisle.
Leading Fresh
Dehydrated/Air Dried
Other Raw
Complete & Balanced
No Fillers
No Artificials
Made in the USA
Processing Level
Minimal Processing
Highly Processed
Highly Processed
Highly Processed
Minimal Processing
Moisture Content
Naturally High
No Moisture
No Moisture
No Moisture
Naturally High
USDA Certified
Formulated by Veterinary Nutritionists
Ease of Prep
No Prep Required
Prep Required
Prep Required
Prep Required
Prep Required
Cost (Avg for 45lb dog)

World-class food safety.

We designed Maev Raw Food to address every food safety & quality consideration possible — so you’re 100% confident every time they run to dinner.

Contaminants can’t survive in frozen temperatures.
Formulated by vets to meet AAFCO standards
Frequently test for bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.
Human-grade ingredients, always.

World-class food safety.

Get the facts.

(Dogs don’t come with a manual. Maev does.)

Why frozen?

We engineered Maev to be served frozen because it intentionally slows down your dog’s eating process, which can alleviate dangerous gut issues..

Exfoliates tartar build up off teeth
No additional prep needed
Helps prevent overeating
Locks in nutrients and does not degrade protein

Why frozen?

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