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First time trying Maev? Get 15% Off
To the obsessive, initiative-takers, and rule-breakers. To those who question why things look a certain way, and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty trying something new.


Our values & beliefs
At Maev we subscribe to a set of beliefs that help guide how we work, play and problem solve together. If these resonate for you, there just might be a role with your name on it.
EmpathyIt’s the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel what they feel - cognitively, emotionally, and compassionately. Doing this allows your world to get wider, your solutions to become more impactful, and your product more resonant.
CuriosityWe’re looking for people who walk through the world with their eyes wide open to what is out there. Inspiration often comes from unexpected sources, so we encourage you to be curious about the world around you and draw inspiration from music, art, fashion, tech...whatever it might be that piques your curiosity.
DesignFunction doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice design. Everything we do is at the intersection of function and design. Just because certain products have always looked a certain way doesn't mean they always have to in the future. We believe great design is human-centric, always considers its audience, and improves people’s lives
FunWe make products for dogs and their people. Let’s make it fun, let’s spark joy. Let’s be a little tongue in cheek, and let’s inject some humor and wit into our work.
InclusivityOur brand is real, authentic and transparent. That brand can only be built with an equally real, authentic and transparent team. A diversity of backgrounds and experiences in an environment that’s a safe space for discourse, banter, discussion and ideas allows amazing things to flourish.

Our open positions
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