First time trying Maev? Get 15% Off
First time trying Maev? Get 15% Off

Hi, we're Maev.

Vet-formulated, human-grade, transparent and trustworthy.

Diet is the most important choice you make for a dog. Now, the healthiest choice is easy. Join us in building the future of dog care.

Meet Katie

Meet Katie

Everything changed when I adopted George. He needed time, attention, training, exercise, nutrition, and care. And when it came to his health, I had a million questions - around what he really needed, especially after realizing the shortcomings of nutrition products we'd been told to trust.

As an MIT engineer, I wanted George's life to be as thoughtfully designed as mine is. I was finally getting my footing when George had his first health scare, and I knew his nutrition was what needed fixing most. I set out to build something bold, transparent, hardworking, and most of all, trustworthy.

At Maev, we work with veterinary nutritionists, food scientists, designers, and engineers to elevate the lives of dogs and their humans and fill every bowl with maximum nutrition.

Welcome to Maev. We're so glad you're here.

Katie Spies

Founder & CEO

The original diet for dogs, designed for today.

Our dogs are biologically designed to absorb their maximum daily nutrition from raw meat and produce - it's in their DNA.

Most kibble makers don't want you to know that, which is exactly why we're blowing the lid wide open. For the health of all our dogs.

USDA certified
AAFCO approved
8 hard-to-find supplements
Made in the USA with US and globally sourced ingredients.
0 fillers
15 human-grade ingredients

We have science on our side.

Before officially launching in 2019, Maev underwent three years of deep research and development with hundreds of dogs and 13 of the best veterinary nutritionists in the industry to get our formulas right.

Together, we guaranteed our unmatched nutritional value & safety in every one of the thousands of dogs we feed weekly.

Dr. R
  • Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Cornell)
  • Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Interal Medicine (DACVIM-N)
Dr. S
  • Board Certified Companion Animal Nutritionist
  • PhD, Animal Nutrition (Virginia Tech)
  • PAS, Dpl. ACAS-N
Dr. B
  • Master of Science, Nutrition (Purdue)
  • PhD, Animal Nutrition (Purdue)
Dr. H
  • Member AVHMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association)
  • Clinical Pet Nutritionist

Welcome to our world.

A community of dog parents, veterinary nutritionists, and industry experts who just want the best life for our dogs. How's that sound?

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